2019 Calendar

January  14

Artie Renee Pobjecky, Immigration Attorney

February 11

Karen Jaroch, S E Regional Coordinator Heritage Action 

March 11

Rear Admiral Wayne Juristic, Commission Port Canaveral  

April  8

Alisa Artigas, Regional Director Americans for Prosperity

May 6

Greg Donovan, Executive Director, Melbourne International Airport 

June 10 

Happy Birthday President Trump on Flag Day June 14

July 8 

Peter Feaman, Attorney, Republican National Committeeman  

August 12 

To be announced

September 9 

To be announced  

October 14 

To be announced

November 2

Honor the Veterans and Military Dinner and Fundraiser, 5 pm Hilton Rialto 

December 9 

Holiday Luncheon Celebration