Frances Presley Rice is Honored
“It was a surprise and quite an honor to receive the below invitation. It was extended in recognition of my long years of work researching, writing, and producing educational resources, which provide historical milestones that prove that black history is American history. Showcased are the abundant African American leaders in all fields of endeavors who by their ingeniousness and fortitude revolutionized every facet of our lives. I owe a debt of gratitude to my partners, Bayer Mack, and Sandra K. Yocum, whose talent, hard work and dedication to our educational campaign helped make this honor possible. Here is the text of the invitation:”  “Dear Frances Presley Rice, The Governor and First Lady of the State of Florida cordially invite you to attend a reception in honor of Florida’s 2022 Black History Celebration on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, at The Governor’s Mansion.”

“Black History 1619-2019” Book Signing by Frances Presley Rice
Many women who attended our March 2nd luncheon meeting were very impressed with our speaker, Lt. Colonel Frances Presley Rice, and wished to purchase her book: “Black History 1619-2019”.  Unfortunately, Frances only brought a few copies to our meeting and many women were disappointed that they could not purchase it.   
Anyone interested may purchase a copy on Amazon.  If you purchase her book and get it to Patricia Moore-Carroll (Tx 845-978-6134) at our next luncheon meeting on April 6th, or any time before April 20th, she will see to it that you book is signed.  Patricia and Linn Murray plan to meet with Frances at her book signing in Orlando on April 21st.  Afterward Patricia plans to bring the signed books back in time to distribute them that evening at ‘Girls Night Out’ at Pappagallos from 5-7pm.

The Brevard Federated Republican Women

will host their lunch meeting on Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

Our meeting will feature Bob White, Chairman of the Liberty Caucus of Florida, 

a grassroot organization dedicated to working with the Republican Party to

advance our principles and individual rights.  His love for his native state and

coutry drives him to be involved to the greatest extent possible in politics and

policy at the State and Federal level.  He has served for 12 years as the Chairman of 

the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida and for 8 years as Chairman of 

​the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida.

The meeting time is 11:30 a.m., but come early to network.

at the Space Coast Convention Center located at 301 Tucker Lane

behind the Holiday Inn Express (Southwest corner of State Route 520 and I-95).

The meeting fee of $25 

includes lunch plate.

Advanced reservations are necessary and are due 12 noon Friday,

September 2nd and can be made

and paid for online at 

or phone the 24 hour hotline at


**Any reservations made after the due date

and time will be charged $30**

New memberships

and renewals will be accepted.

All Republicans are invited to attend. 

​It is recommended that guests bring their Voters Registration card. 

​Our keynote speaker, RPOF executive director Helene Ferre, gave an inspirational speech.   Ms. Ferre explained that the 2022 election is the most important election in decades, and that to save our country from insane left agenda, Republican women must come together and fight the good fight from local up.  Ms. Ferre emphasized the need to take control of our schools and schoolboards and to stop the teaching of hate for others and our country.  Ms. Ferrer also stressed the need for Republican women to protect our cities, our businesses, our veterans, our seniors, our families,

and our faith, and to do so we must work together to win city and county elections. 
Ms. Ferre brought Governor DeSantis’s greeting and encouragement and reminded us that Governor DeSantis believes that Florida’s Republican women are the reason his won in 2018, and Ms. Ferre hoped that Republican women will return our great Governor to the Governor Mansion in 2022.
Congressman Bill Posey and State Senator Tom Wright spoke to us, and Karly Smith, representative from Senator Debbie Mayfield’s office sent us the Senator’s best wishes.  While Congressman Posey has been fighting the hard to hold the line in Washington DC, Senator Wright has been busy

working with his colleagues and the Governor in Tallahassee to pass good laws and keep Florida free.  

Brevard Republicans were wise in choosing such highly competent legislative officials to represent them!
Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott addressed us via video.  The Senators told us that they want to hear from us and that they need our

support in our cultural clash with the Democrats.  Our Brevard Republican women will make sure they hear our voice and that we support them.
Brevard Property Appraiser Dana Blickley was our Master of Ceremony.  

She is the pride of Brevard Republican Ladies and, as expected, she was an awesome MC.   
Also present were State Representative Thad Altman, Brevard County Tax Collector Lisa Cullen, School Board member Katye Campbell,

Mayor Wes Morrison and Councilman Pete Filiberto, and we want them to know that Brevard Republican women have their back.
Some of our local candidates were also in attendance: Karen Hiltz and Chase Tramont, who are running for State House; Joseph Cholewa, Rob Feltner and Sandra Sullivan, who are running for County Commission; William Shearer, Gene Trent and Megan Wright, who are running for School Board; and Tuan Le, who is running for U.S. Congress.  We thank all of the candidates for their desire to serve and, in the coming months,

we will invite all of the Republican candidates to speak to our Club.  
Our country is at a critical crossroad, and it was inspiring and encouraging to spend a beautiful evening with

likeminded Republican women at the Brevard Federated Republican Women’s 2022 Red Wave to Victory.​