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Greetings from Brevard Federated Republican Women
President Beth Young

There is strength in numbers and together WE Republican Women can build that strength. We invite you to join us in our collective strength that keeps our organization strong.

Our programs in 2012 included forums with the Republican Candidates for the Primary election to educate our members. We provided recommendations on all 11 Proposed Amendments to the Florida Constitution. Our members volunteered for Local and Presidential campaigns tirelessly.

We congratulated our members who were victorious in all the Brevard County Constitutional Officer Contests and the re-election of Commissioner Trudie Infantini.

BFRW donated $750 to the Patriot House, a small home of 6 disabled veterans; $800 to Honor Flight, the organization which takes WWII Veterans to Washington, DC for a day; and $1250 to the Veterans Recovery Center. Our members donated an additional $440 in $10 Walmart Gift Cards for the families in the Veterans Recovery Center.

Over 500 dictionaries were distributed to 3rd grade students throughout 10 schools in Brevard County.

On November 2, 2013 we will hold a dinner honoring the military and veterans. A fund raising auction will be held at the dinner to support the Veterans Recovery Center, Honor Flight, Patriot House and active duty service men and women and veterans' organizations.

Two special features are the First Responder Prayer Chain program which focuses on the concerns of our members with prayer and other means and the Yellow Pages which promote Republican Women doing business with Republican women. The Republican Women in Business Leads Group meets monthly for dinner at a local restaurant. For dates and locations contact Beth Young,, or 321-223-5921.

As indicated by our name, we are chartered members of the Florida Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women, an organization of over 125,000 members throughout all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.

We would welcome your membership and participation and if you want to talk or need additional information, please contact Beth Young at 321-727-1212 or by email



About Us


Brevard Federated Republican Women

We are a group of women dedicated to the education and promotion of Republican ideas and ideals. Our organization is a member of the Florida and National Federation of Republican women...over 125, 000 strong.

We strive to insure the most qualified and ethical individuals are elected to public office by:

Encouraging members to educate themselves and others on local and national issues.

Promoting basic Republican philosophies and working to elect top-notch candidates.

Serving the communities by assuring responsible government.

Promoting qualified women's participation and advancement throughout our political system.


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BFRW 2013 - 2014 Officers





2013-2014 Officers

Beth Young

Deanna Reiter
1st Vice President

Judy Rybikowsky
2nd Vice President
Jo Solley-Hansen
3rd Vice President
Terri Nieves
4th Vice President

Barbara Davis
Marlene Frye
Recording Secretary
Tammy Sandberg
Corresponding Secretary
Debbie Schofield
Assistant Treasuer



Barnaby, Maryalice
Buchert, Carol A.
Corby, Joanne
Davis, Barbara
Frye, Marlene
Nieves, Terri
Oros, Liz
Powshok, Joy
Reiter, Deanna
Robbins, Lacey
Rybikowsky, Judy
Sandberg, Tammy
Schofield, Debbie
Solley-Hansen, Jo
Violette, Betty G.
Warner, Patti
Young, Beth






Florida Federation Of Republican Women, 2013 Board Of Directors

President, Cindy Graves

1st Vice President....Cynthia Henderson
2nd Vice President....Dena DeCamp
3rd Vice President.....Kim Carroll
Secretary.....Christine Sutherland


Brevard Federated Republican Women meets on the first Wednesday of every month at Holiday Inn, 8298 N. Wickham Road, in Melbourne. Guests are invited to attend. For a list of our upcoming meeting agendas and luncheon menu options, please go to the Upcoming Events page.

If you have questions or feedback for us, please email President Beth Young at, or leave a message at 321-727-1212.

Thank you to our member Joanne Corby for the Strength in WE logo and concept.





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