Marlene Frye, Beth Young,

and Diane Norwood-Steven

distributed dictionaries to

third grade science students in 2016

at the following schools:

  • Creel Elementary, Melbourne
  • Croton Elementary, Melbourn
  • Harbor City Elementary, Melbourn
  • Roy Allen Elementary, Melbourne

Diane Norwood-Steven​​

and Sharon Rose, Dictionary Project Chairwoman.

Photo of 3rd graders in Media Center. 

53 books requested; brought two extras that were needed. 

Sharon jumped right in - appeared she had been involved 4 years! 

We had a great time; well received and very much appreciated

by students & educators.  Left a few BFRW business cards.

Coleen Ward is the best; she thought the children should

hold their books over their faces 4 anonymity

re: no parental authorization that their child be photographed. 

Additional elementary schools are scheduled in the near future.

 Marlene Frye at Creel Elementary after

delivering dictionaries to third graders

Diane Norwood-Steven​​