Achievement Awards
Compile achievements report & Volunteer hours – Jill Gentis 

Mamie Eisenhower Literacy Project – Jo Solley-Hansen

Armed Services – Homeland Security  Terri Nieves

BFRW Professional Women  Shared

Marilyn Olshansky, Beth Young, Deanna Reiter

Campaign Events  Patti Ann Febro

Chaplain Patti Febro

Caring for America
Military & Veterans- Terri Nieves,

Community Services & Dictionary Program-Diane Norwood Steven and Jill Weinstein


First Responders Prayer Chain  Patti Febro

Historian  Terri Nieves

Hospitality & Registration  Sharon Rose

Leadership Beth Young

Legislative  Brevard County/State/National Issues – BFRW Board

Membership  Sharon Rose

Military Dinner  BFRW Board

Beth Young Editor, Susan Blesch 536-0577

Parliamentarian Marlene Frye

Program  Diane Norwood Steven 

Public Relations Susan Blesch

Scholarships Chairwoman  Diane Norwood Steven, Chairman

Committee Members- Carlie Rogers and Jill Weinstein

Special Events
Melbourne 4th of July Parade – Terri Nieves, Jill Gentis

Special Projects Assistant Marlene Frye

Sunshine  Laurie Givens

Voter Registration Sharon Rose

Ways and Means (Fundraising)
Deanna Reiter, 863-2165 Chairman, Debbie Schofield, 255-8331


Jill Gentis

Welcome Message from President Beth Young

Assistant Treasurer
Debbie Schofield

Recording Secretary

Marlene Frye


Terry Boylan

3rd Vice President

Sharon Rose

2nd Vice President

Deanna Reiter

1st Vice President

Diane Norwood-Steven

Past President

Beth Young

There is strength in numbers and together WE Republican Women can build that strength. 
We invite you to join us in our collective strength that keeps our organization strong.

We financially support Honor Flight, the Veterans Recovery Center, the veterans of the Volunteers of America and National Veterans Homeless Support. 

Our monthly programs feature information on local legislation, commercial space and county and state legislation.  

Over 4,300 special dictionaries have been distributed to 3rd grade students in Brevard over the years.  

Special features of our club are the First Responders Prayer Chain, the Girls Nite Out, a get to know you evening gathering. 

We have two Memorial Scholarships of $1,000 each for local high school students and also have scholarship applications available from the National Federation of Republican Women. 
We welcome your membership and participation and if you want to talk or have a suggestion, please contact President Beth Young, 321-223-5921 or by email at   


Brevard Federated Republican Women 2018 -2020

 Executive Committee

President, Beth Young, 223-5921

Past President, Treasurer, Marilyn Olshansky, 704-1625

1st Vice President, Diane Norwood-Steven 507-3947

2nd Vice President, Deanna Reiter, 863-2165

3rd Vice President, Sharon Rose, 954-2990-4202

Recording Secretary, Marlene Frye, 543-3428, 254-2802

Corresponding Secretary, Jill Gentis, 773-896-8616

Assistant Treasurer, Debbie Schofield,  255-8331​